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School Children Get a Taste for Scuba Diving Thanks To Herts Dive Club

As part of the “I can Dive” Lottery Funding Initiative, Herts Dive Club has been working on a project with Barnwell School in Stevenage to introduce a group of young people to scuba diving.  It has taken a great deal of effort by all those involved to run this smoothly and successfully.   

The staff from both HDC and Barnwell School worked hard.  It took a lot of organisation to get everyone in the right place at the right time, with the right equipment and on time!  This had to be done during each of the evening pool sessions and also the open water day.

The course students, who also included two teachers from Barnwell, also worked hard.  Home study, knowledge reviews and classroom sessions were completed on time.  This helped to maximise the benefits of the pool sessions and prepare everyone to go to open water.

It was a very early start for most as we headed up for a day’s diving at Stoney Cove in Leicestershire on Saturday 15th July 2017.  The weather was kind to us and the water was a toasty 18 degrees. The visibility of 2 to 3 meters in places, however, made for some challenging conditions.  Thanks to all the hard work during the pool sessions, some very thorough dive briefings and a great deal of concentration and determination, all students completed the necessary skills admirably.

Our teaching staff had the great pleasure of qualifying 8 new Scuba Divers – 6 pupils from Barnwell School along with 2 of their teachers.

We would love to be involved with Barnwell School again in the near future.  We all enjoyed working with such a young, lively and enthusiastic group.  We hope that they all enjoyed it as much as we did, and take their diving to even more exotic places in the future!

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