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After several weeks of development and testing we are delighted to announce that we have introduced a NEW benefit for all Herts Dive Club members – A FREE online, dive logbook.

How does it work?

This feature is only available to current members of HDC who are logged into the website. It can be accessed by navigating to the ‘Members’ area of the website from the main navigation menu where various options are available. To submit your dive log enter all of the relevant information into the form:

  • Dive number
  • Featured (main Image)
  • Logbook Entry Title
  • LogBook Comments
  • Date & Time In
  • Dive Site Name
  • Buddies
  • Air Temp
  • Max Depth
  • Bottom Time
  • Air In / Air Out
  • Surface Temp
  • Bottom Temp
  • Location – (Google map)
  • Conditions
  • Exposure Protection Image gallery up to 10 images (optional)
  • Video – url for youtube or vimeo (optional).

Once completed, just click the submit button and your done. Once your entry has gone through the approval process (checking for formatting, image sizes etc) it is published live on the logbook page here.

Members can then access and manage their logbook entries via the ‘My Dive Logs‘ page.

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