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The Beautiful Island of Gozo



The perfect diving destination

Located in the Mediterranean sea, Gozo is one of the Maltese Islands but with over 40kms of coastline & nowhere more than a 20 minute drive away, making Gozo the perfect Scuba diving destination. Underwater, Gozo provides a variety of different underwater landscapes from reefs, walls, tunnels and wrecks.

After a the ineveitable early start to the day, everyone met up at the airport ful of expectation and excitement (or as much as could be mustered at the time of the day). The flight was pretty incident free and 3 hour later we found ourselves basking in the Maltese Sun (all 36 degrees of it).

The jeeps were a big hit!

First order of the day was to sort out the Marutti Jeeps which would be our transporation for the next few days and make our way to Cirkewwa order to catch the ferry to Gozo. After an hour of coming to terms with the unique driving qualities the vehicles, we boarded the ferry “Ta Pinu” for the 20 minute crossing to Gozo.

A great chance for some to catch some views as we passed the island of Comino before the final 15 minute drive from Mgarr to Xlendi and out base of operations for the next 5 days. After checking in and having unpacking the dive equipment it was finally time to get the check dive underway.

Xlendi Bay is the perfect location for diving and boasts one of the best dive sites in terms of ease, topography – it has something for everyone. The tunnel through the headland is only 2m deep in Xlendi Bay and 6m on the other side. From here dive to the left to the gentle outer drop-off and around the reef, which extends underwater from the headland. Part of this forms a pinnacle, which should be avoided by boat traffic. The cave is also popular at night as it is a nice easy dive in shallow water – it is also popular with less experienced divers, and is for many their first adventure in a cave.

The cave walls are brilliantly coloured with golden zoanthids, red starfish and sponges, and green and purple algae, and there are bristle worms everywhere. Pink flabellina (Flabellina affinis) and Hervia (Cratena peregrina) are also common. During the winter months a small school of juvenile barracuda seeks shelter at the entrance of the cave.

Just had another great dive holiday with Herts Dive Club . This time we went to Gozo Malta.
We stayed in Xlendi, a really nice village with a bay and lovely scenery.
The trip was really well planned and came with that Herts dive club great friendly atmosphere. Tim, who is one of the instructors at the club, used to live in Gozo and knew all the dive sites (and more importnantly the route to get there), guided all dive sites and really worked hard to arrange times and what sites suited for that days weather report. What a great treat it was to have a guide that works for Herts Dive Club and has great knowledge of all the dive sites and wrecks that are the best to dive.

We stayed in nice apartments with air conditioning and bar and restaurant,and the dive centre was in basement so it was easy to collect all your dive kit and tanks for the dives of that day.
We dived some great wrecks and caves during trip and ate at some really nice restaurants during evening times.

There was a variety of dive qualifications in the group on this trip but this was really organised well and all divers could dive the sites but could also choose if they wanted to dive as a open water diver / advanced/ nitrox or even tech diver.

We all went out on last night to a lovely restaurant, with superb food and was treated to all drinks paid for by club owners Steve and Alan, what a nice touch by this club .

Thoroughly recommend this club for dive holidays. – Steve Game, HDC Member

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