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Wednesday night saw the arrival of Rachel (me) and gale force winds after what was quite frankly the most hideous ferry ride known to man and a rather hairy experience in a taxi. After a quick 4am low-down of the weeks events to date and a little snooze we were “up and at-em”….. only to be faced with more winds and choppy water. An enforced day of relaxing in the sun was shortly followed by some 40m dives on day 6. We went down to the wreck of The Karwella for a photo shoot – It was great to be back into the water and see some metal. The viz was great and the temperature more than acceptable. Inside the wreck was a ‘Titanic style’ staircase, which- me being me managed to swim right past the first time! The afternoon saw a dive at ‘the middle finger’ where we found HDC’s new training pool – aka an old salt drying pit that I can barely fit my left leg in. On the dive itself we saw 3 Barracuda and raining fish, it was lovely how close the fish got to you- it felt just like being inside a fish bowl. The dive allowed us to explore some pinnacles and we even got to see a baby Moray hiding in the wall reef! Friday night saw the HCD sporting some rather dashing ‘bad shirts’. Tourists gave us some fairly unique looks but the locals accepted us a ‘normal’ which was a plus!

Now, I feel I must acknowledge our wonderful drivers for the Gozo trip- driving MM1 and MM2 is something of an art form. MM2 is an untameable beast who vocalised its displeasure every time we turned left by emitting a loud grinding noise that racked up quite a few decibels – much to the locals amusement. MM1 looked like a relic that should have featured on the Waltons driveway. Riding in the back was also an experience, a bumpy way to enjoy the beautiful views shall we say!

Day 7 was everyone’s last day of diving so we took a rib out to the Comino Caves. After a few scraps with some Jelly-fish we got to see the beautiful caves. The way in which the light entered the caves was great to see firsthand – the post cards do not do it justice. Banded Bream were schoaling all around in the open and there was some great micro life to be found inside the cave as well. We left the caves and headed home (after a quick loo break in the blue Lagoon- Thanks Ro for the public announcement at this time). For our last dive we went back into Xlendi bay – after playing ‘dodge the jelly fish’ once more we found another cave and surfaced inside to have a look around. It was great to be able to explore inside a beautiful area that most of the public will never get to see. We finished our dive and with one final theatrical moment from me: ‘SAVE ME TIM’ we had finished another HDC holiday. To finish the tour we ventured up the hill for a lovely meal, some bevies and many many laughs!!

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