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The HDC 2013 Gozo trip is now well and truly underway.

While the main bulk of the troops travelling today, a small advanced party were sent to scope things out…(actually we just fancied a couple of extra days holiday) this is their report for day 1 🙂

The journey wasn’t so bad (hats of to Heathrow Terminal 3 for what can only be described as one of my best experiences of an airport. The facilities are clean, a very streamlined and painless process from start to finish – very slick and a refreshing change!). As in most cases though, there had to be a small hitch. Ours was the minor inconvenience of missing the ferry from Malta to Gozo by about 2 minutes meaning we had to wait around for a couple of hours for the next one, but we arrived tired but glad to be here. After a great nights sleep we awoke to a picture perfect day – the sun was up making the 26 degree temperature most acceptable and the apartment balcony the obvious choice for breakfast.

First order of the day was the necessary paperwork (medical statements, certification checks etc) and of course, setting up the dive kit. Once done it is just a minute walk to the sea for a small check dive in Xlendi Bay. Great visibility and 20 degree waters meant the check dive went well lasting around 47 minutes with some fantastic scenery including caves, swim throughs as well as a small Moray Eel to finish things off.

With the diving out of the way, the only thing left to do was to ensure that the local drinking/eating establishments were of a standard befitting the HDC team…

…Result= They will be just fine!  The beer is perfectly chilled and refreshing, the wine equally palatable and the views…well the views peak for themselves.

I have a feeling that this will be a trip to remember!!

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