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Diving begins in earnest as the newly arrived HDC Possy awakes on its first full day in Gozo. With a few bleary eyes we enjoy a breakfast of champions before kitting up at the dive centre and strolling down to the azure waters of Xlendi Bay.

The dive was pretty spectacular with fantastic vis. Including the now famous cave and swim through we headed around the headland and the pinnacle at the mouth of the bay before a gentle swim back to the shore (some of us even managed to get 1 hour dive time). I feel at this point the quality of the dive can best be summed up by HDC Member Paul who was startled by a dark moving object on the sea floor that had been following us…(this turned out to be Dan’s shadow) to which Paul commented…

I’ve never seen a shadow underwater before!!

After the morning dive, lunch arrived in traditional English style, of a PICNIC!!! sitting outside the dive school with ham and cheese sandwiches with a side order of tea and crisps went down a treat! With the whole HDC gang sporting suncream due to the glorious weather, we loaded up MM1 and MM2 for the afternoon dive. The afternoon dive took place at Ta’ Cenc or, what kath affectionately renamed ‘the 90 steps’

Mauve Monster!The dive was somewhat an eventful dive with Paul and Ro spotting a seahorse within minutes, both thinking this was a common sight and so neglecting to tell the other divers! With hundreds of mauve stinger jellyfish it was seen good fortune that no one was stung until Kim got caught on her hand on exit. Cue scraping with dive knives and warm water flushing and a special sting mark that looks surprisingly like a map of Australia!

After such an eventful day what better way to spend the evening that donning our tour shirts and heading down to the resident bar Ta’Nona’s!

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