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Stoney Cove

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Sapcote Rd
Stoney Stanton

United Kingdom

Welcome to Stoney Cove the UK’s National Diving Centre. Diving first started here around 1960, take a look here, and as the sport gained popularity Stoney Cove was developed into the amazing underwater adventure park it is today. Why not learn to dive today in our fantastic centres heated dive pool. Click here

web-version-2011Much work has taken place to keep Stoney Cove at the forefront of dive training and it is recognised as the benchmark for other centres to follow. The Centre includes a heated indoor training pool, superb conference rooms, a fantastic dive store full off great dive gear at very competitive prices and a super public bar and restaurant called Nemos as well as the underwater features.

At Stoney there’s always something going on so check our website regularly for the latest news and if you can’t find the info you are looking for just give us a call on 01455 273089

Stoney Cove Rules & Regulations

All visiting divers must sign in to the day log as they arrive at Stoney Cove. If you have a Stoney Cove Diverlog registration card, carry it with you at all times, even in the water.

  • Always follow the Stoney Cove recommendations for responsible diving and safe diving practices of your diving associations e.g.: BSAC, PADI, SAA, SSI etc.
  • Do not dive solo,and if you become separated from your buddy or group, ascend and rejoin at the surface.
  • You must meet the minimum age requirement of your training association and be no younger than 12 years old. Junior participants must be closely supervised by adults.
  • All diving schools, instructors and other divers, who use Stoney Cove in an ‘at work’ situation, i.e. receive payment or some other form of favour or reward must operate within the requirements of the Diving at Work Regulations 1997 and notify us of any diving project conducted at Stoney Cove.
  • The use of images still or moving of any part of Stoney Cove for commercial purposes requires specific permission.
  • Wear a buoyancy aid at all times.
  • Plan your dives with consideration to our regulations, recommendations and information we provide. Read our notices, if unsure ask us, assess the risks associated with Stoney Cove and its features, if in doubt don’t dive!
  • Diver propulsion vehicles can only be used with extreme caution, and never in poor visibility.
  • Do not dive outside the displayed opening times.
  • When using a rebreather, use either a Surface Marker Buoy throughout your dive or use a delayed SMB to mark your ascent.
  • Used Sodalime from rebreathers must be a disposed of away from Stoney Cove.
  • Do not run, shout, wave of blow whistles unless there is an emergency.
  • Do not damage or remove pieces from the objects of interest in the water, or cause any harm to the wildlife above or below the water.
  • Keep the volume of car radios down.
  • Do not leave children unsupervised.
  • All dogs must be kept on a lead – please clean up after them.
  • Do not use any naked flame device, including BBQ,s.
  • Please drive vehicles slowly with care, do not obstruct any roadway or access and have respect for each other and our neighbours.
  • The decanting of oxygen or the use of portable compressors is not permitted anywhere on the site.
  • Please follow all directions given by Stoney Cove staff.
  • Stick to the rules. We reserve the right to refuse entry, suspend or cancel the Diverlog registration of any diver or contractor who contravenes the Stoney Cove regulations.


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