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Herts Dive Club once again ventured to Stoney Cove for some qualifying dives with students taking part in a variety of courses from PADI Scuba Diver to The PADI Rescue Diver Course.

It was no ordinary day though as it also coincided with PADI Women Divers Day, For the past two years, divers from every corner of the globe have come together for PADI Women’s Dive Day to bond over their love of the ocean and a passion for diving. This growing tradition continued on 15 July 2017, further strengthening and supporting the female dive community through a day of fun, adventure and camaraderie.

One of Herts Dive Club Members, Kiri Sewell, explained what being part of HDC means to her:

There are so many things I enjoy about being a member of HDC.

I started diving because of a love of aquatic life and a curiosity to explore more than just the surface of the ocean. What I found after joining was that while I enjoy that core aspect of diving, there is so much more to being an HDC member. I enjoy a sense of community within the club and I’m pleased to say our community comprises a number of women as well as men. Scuba diving continues to be a male dominated activity, but in previous years PADI have attempted to increase the interest of female divers.

One misconception women might have about scuba diving is that they will be the only female divers in a ‘boys club’ without support from their male dive colleagues. I’ve not found this to be the case at all; many of our divers are women, and more importantly the male divers are always supportive and encouraging to women wanting to progress as divers. I have trained with women throughout my time at the club, in fact, on the club’s most recent Rescue course this weekend, the women actually outnumbered the men!

The course happened to coincide with PADI Women’s Dive Day and I’m proud to have been one of the female divers flying the flag. This is a step in the right direction for women in scuba diving and with continued support from our male dive buddies I think the number of women divers will only be on the rise.

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